Gerravd Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean-born UK based artist Gerrad Mukuyu better known as Gerrvd has a unique ability of blending Afro-pop and hip hop vibes to conjure feel-good songs that are hard to resist. His style draws on powerful chord progressions, textured ambience, vocals and other sampled elements to create immersive and intricate soundscapes with strong emotional resonance.

He has released a new track titled Baller which is a slow afro-jazz ensemble that has a slight alte tinge to it. The single draws out a subtle braggadocio feel from Gerrvd, highlighting his achievements in the past year, whilst still taking the down to earth form that Gerrvd represents. Witty lines and mesmerising vowel use characterise the single and stand out in parts of the song. The instrumentation and production was done by John Iyinbor aka Ransom Beatz and is a fine conflation of African percussions and keys bringing a chill vibe to the whole piece. It is a decent start to the year for him as he has set his sight on more greater things within the often treacherous music industry.

The 22-year-old released his debut album titled “Energy,” setting the record straight on what he had packed up for the rest of the year, FIRE. The mixed bag album brought together artists as Njay Oh on Anopenga and King98 on Relax.

He is an interesting talent to watch, without doubt. He firmly believes in his music and with each and every release he is transforming into a master of his craft.

You can get Baller via this hyperlink. 




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