Zimbabwe Afro Jazz

The survival of jazz music continues to be at stake with the tragic losses of its frontline icons. Amongst is its pioneer Oliver Mutukudzi and the later contemporary household names such as Mc Villa and Sam Mtukudzi.

However the few cadres who rock this genre continue to be remarkably resilient in the face of thorough and stiff competition from dancehall and hip hop. Today we are introducing a star born and raised in Rusape, who is currently taking studies in Bulawayo. Every musician has his starting point and we believe this is one for Freddy Tapiwa Chipangura.

Like most of his fellow compatriots in the industry FreshTheCharmer discovered himself in the church choir and has not abandoned this call as yet. He tells us that his debut track was inspired by the love he had for his girlfriend and named the track AMAZING with Khid Marque an artist and producer in Rusape. He joined the college band at Gwanda Polytechnic where he acquired technical skills in fully realizing his musical gift and also stage experiences. FreshTheCharmer highlighted his joy of performing before Jonathan Moyo who in 2017 was guest at a graduation ceremony that invited thousands and went live on national television.

In 2018 Tapiwa dared the odds and produced an album titled Love or Potion which carries 7 healthy songs. It is in this album that he worked with the promising Helen on a track with the same name as the album and the duet is indeed worth your time. He earned for himself a loyal legion of fans in Gwanda as he continues to grace their graduation ceremonies.

FreshTheCharmer is now tied to a contract with Botswana based producer Midiboomy who will work on his future productions. The pact seeks to invade the southern music safari and we hope their music really grasps reality with captivating videos as well. FTC claims to be a multi genre artist and is planning to drop an EP titled The Untold Stories with Troy Larmain Morlin which will carry an afro pop and jazz bias.

We chose to break this tune ain’t gonna die down for you. It is love that drove this youth to the booth hence he continues to dish love songs. The afro beat accompanies the rhetoric questions asked in the lyrics and his voice helps him communicate his dear message smoothly. FTC is here today a musician for an obvious reason that is his immaculate vocals and again we reinstate the fact that if he is to continue, the experience he gets will surely fine tune his ability to become one of the most prominent afro pop/jazz champions.

FTC wishes to share with you his track list which you can as well access on YouTube of his debut album which he launched in Bulawayo and Gweru and here it is, 1: Amazing ft Khid Marque, 2: Ain’t gonna die, 3: Dance, 4: LOVE or POTION ft Helen, 5: Happy Birthday, 6: The City ft Anderson and Kinky, 7: Come Back ft Sphiwoe.

FRESHTHECHARMER’ is ready to interact with his fans on FACEBOOK: FREDDY TAPIWA CHIPANGURA INSTAGRAM: PHR_ESH TWITTER: freshme1 and those who would like to work with him as well. Use the link below to listen to his music and remember to give us your feedback.

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