The National Gallery of Zimbabwe on the first of September was a hub of the arts through the First Fridays Poetry and Chill session organized by Enthuse Mag. The event saw a host of spoken word artists and musicians doing their best to expose their artistic prowess.

For poetry lovers particularly, the session did just to quench the thirst and hunger that poetry lovers always have for poetry. Various poets took turns to show how they are intellectually gifted in speaking the word and in conveying meaningful messages. Poems were recited in both English and Shona. The Shona ones were very much brilliant. The host for the day was CapiTalk FM presenter Pineapple, whose creativity naturally flowed in having such a beautiful and splendid session.

It seemed like paradise for the creatives.

The session saw Sharky, a Zim Hip Hop artists, performing tracks from his two albums, Soko Matemai and Take Back The Land. The songs he performed were really deep and profound, speaking volumes of the Afrocentric theme that characterizes Sharky’s music.

He later on revealed the meaning of his new album Take Back The Land. He said that when the Europeans came and colonized Africa, they took our land, which was our primary means of survival through activities like agriculture and mining. At independence, we took back our land, and that was very significant. He illustrated that his meaning was symbolic, it meant that a person has to take back what belongs to them. It doesn’t necessarily refer to the physical land, but it is taking back that which is yours, that which defines your true worth and identity, and your purpose. It is about setting your own destiny, and not letting others do that task for you.

It was deep, it was captivating.

There was a tour around the gallery, which exposed people to some of the priceless, and some of the expensive art pieces found in the gallery. The mind seems to be on a journey, an artistic journey. The national gallery is such a wonderful place, it has a soothing effect on one’s mind, body, soul and heart.
And them Bryan K gave his solid, entertaining act. His impeccable acoustics were so much out of this planet. Something like extremely impressive. A well-orchestrated act. He delivered songs like Heavy Machine which were a delight to the listeners, doing that with only his guitar.

Bryan K is a legend.

The last performance of the night came from Black Pearl the Poet, whose poems were so emotive, introspective, and revealed a character who is fully attached to human emotions and real human experiences. Black Pearl’s poems also focused on unrequited love and dejection, prompting others to raise questions whether her poems were inspired by real life events or simply by fiction.

It was such a good night for creatives. It was such a spectacular night for poetry and music lovers.

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