We kinda love songs that have artists seeking forgiveness. It’s just so special.

And then here we have an artist many would not know of, but who oozes amazing talent. Like great talent. The way we clearly see a soul full with contrition is spectacular.

After many wrongdoings, the intention is apparently not to let the love wither away and die. The importance of love is highlighted in the simplest of ways any artist no matter artistic they are can do.

Emma Mukwa is an artist we have to watch out for.

Produced by Quazor, the song is full of life, and the emotive side of the song is so felt, in such a way it is just inconceivable to ignore it.

Mudhuze is that song you could just play when asking for a second chance. You know, second chance things. Like it is so difficult. Emma Mukwa seems to be doing this effortlessly.

It’s just talent.

Listen to the song below:


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