Dobba don mad on drugs

Dobba Don stormed the local music scene with a thread of hits that implied the drug-taking tendencies of this troubled generation. In a fair view these social vices we cry foul to in modern day Zimbabwe are carefully justified by the level of idleness and unemployment in the country. The government has been reluctant in tackling these issues because of many reasons which are really beyond a citizen’s understanding.

Now that Dobba Don is reported mad and running berserk because of drugs, perhaps a claim that has not been proven yet. This is not a special case but a representation and reflection of the lifestyle which the regime has dished out to the youths. Alcoholism and drug abuse are two atrocious activities which do not surprise anyone especially in high density suburbs. Drug corners and dealers are too popular to be unknown but they are thriving. Who might be supplying the base in your hood?

Mudendere and Mkuru are Dobba Don’s best performing tracks to date. Mudendere is actually one of the most played songs in the ghetto because of the lyrics which suggest the use of mood altering drugs and the song is an anthem because of the much relatable lingo. You remember Winky D in Mafira Kureva asserting that “hobho vaimbi varimo mazviri”. Drugs are common in studios and anywhere around music production to enhance creativity. This practice however spills to the fans who try to replicate the lives of their heroes. It’s a common fact that music is now one of the biggest influencers in the behavior of the youths. Despite that, this story has brought to limelight how a lot of potential is being undermined by alcoholism and drug abuse. This is a loud cry by the youths to the administration to at least care for the next generations.

In a nutshell this is not a Dobba Don case but a clear reflection of the ghetto. This case is only famous because the victim is a public figure but take a stroll in the high density suburbs morning or evening the lighters are up and sons are leaning. This is the Zimbabwe they have made for us. A generation that has not seen the honey and milk promised in 1980. A generation suffering from man made poverty and resorting to (guka) crystal meth and Broncleer as a way to dodge day to day problems.

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