Don Cavelle - Musatisiye Zim Hip Hop

We could actually label this song as relevant with the sensitive times we are in. At a time when the majority of the urban audience is deflated with the electoral results, the song Musatisiye by Don Cavelle may do wonders to your spirit and soul.

It’s quite soulful, relaying a contemplative mood and gets you thinking on the meaning of life.

The song speaks on the socio-economic issues that are affecting Zimbabweans. It is a prayer to God, to intervene in the dire situation that Zimbabweans have been faced with for years now.

It conveys some of the problems and injustices that Zimbabweans face on the daily, from the plummeting of the Zimbabwean dollar, unemployment and corruption.

The song has a very strong Zimbabwean ambience, as its influences come from epic jit and mbira music. It features upcoming vocalist Chye Kazi. Vic

Good content from Don Cavelle, really.

Download the song via this link. 

You can listen/stream Musatisiye by Don Cavelle below:

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