Dancehall can easily be referred to as the most populated genre in the country.

DJ Mega T seems to have brought in a new style with the track Swagarific which features another gifted artist, Poptain.

The track is aided by the cutting-edge visuals it is laden with in the video. It’s that video for an urban dancehall track you would describe as apt for the whole project.

The dances in the video are elaborate although one may have the feeling that there could be more. But still, it remains palatable.

The song Swagarific transports one into to summer festival mood with its easy-listening and danceable hook which was delivered by Poptain. Swagarific combines a touch of afro-beats, Reggae and elements of pop music to come up with a splendour of a jam that will definitely dominate the charts and clubs.

The singer shows off his trilingual skills, switching between the predominant English and bits of Shona and Ndebele.

African Fire (AF Media) is the one behind the video. They have done videos for Bryan K, Ammara Brown, Tamy, Prayersoul, Dice and ExQ.

Watch the video below and see if our assessment goes in line with your own verdict:

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