Changing the problems of media

The presence and influence of the media holds a tight grip on our existence. Most of the things we know and we come to terms with are due to the media. In the true essence of why there is media at all, the duties of the media are to inform the citizenry in a way that enables them to have informed views on the subjects that matter the most in society.

If one takes a closer look at how the media operates, both locally and globally, it becomes clear that the media is a toxic and messed up entity. The media is not what we think it is. And this primarily comes from the ever-increasing commercial drive from which media is run. This leads to many organisations showing the superficial – so that they make money.

The media has become this one labyrinth where there is confusion that benefits someone. Because, well, media agencies are run on the basis of advancing a certain agenda. The media excites people unnecessarily. The stories are over-exaggerated so that the reader is simply compelled to read that story. The reason behind this is one – money. Money from adverts, money from donors, money from governments. To get this money, the media has to sell “exciting” stories, leaving what truly matters behind.

The media takes an unhealthy amount of time focusing on the scandals and transgressions of individuals, instead of looking at what matters in society as a system. Instead of looking at the complexities of how society is set up in a bid to come with solutions for the misery that people are facing. The media is supposed to inform people, supposed to hold accountable authorities and must be impartial. But by focusing on scandals, they are neglecting their duty to deeply look at the broader issues affecting us as a whole.

One thing that the media all over the world stresses on is the relevance of the new and the current. But this approach is incomplete. Media must also look at historical issues that have led us to where we are today. We need to put forth more stories about the origins of things, more stories about other bigger issues that are vital to humanity. We must continue looking for stories that give us a better view of the world and the systems that control it.

Selling important stories in sexy ways is what is needed for a better media. And that is how we can change the way we consume our media. Going for stories that speak wide sense, stories that glorify other type of celebrities – the type that does the noble in society. We need to paint new types of celebrities. We need to care more about each other as fellow human beings – and this is what should be reflected in media.

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