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What A Time To Be Alive In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been rocked by seismic political waves which have put Robert Mugabe's 37-year rule under serious threat. In the midst of the political crisis, Robert Mugabe remains defiant...

Sit Down African Napoleon! (To A Leader For The Zimbabweans)

Bring back the dignity of our flag and the sweet taste of our freedom, Bring back sons and daughters, who kissed charcoal in violence festivals, Bring back our gold, you buried...

Is Africa Regressing Because of Incompatible Politics?

Africa is a continent that has experienced a lot of growth and it continues to exude great potential. However, politically, this has not been the case for the rest of...
Grace Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa are fighting for presidency and they are enemies

Let us not be distracted by the drama unfolding in ZANU-PF

The drama as regards to the factional and succession wars in the ruling party has caused many headlines, and has grabbed everyone's attention. Tables are being turned, and in no...

ZANU-PF factional wars do not do us any good

Currently, the ruling party is reeling under a fierce and deadly factional and succession war, and with all that has unfolded, it is now too late for the factions...

How Mugabe instilled permanent fear in Zimbabweans

Zimbabwe is in total disorder. We are suffering under the hands of one man who is refusing to relinquish power partly because he has a penchant for staying in...

World Guerrillas Protest Poetry: MADAME (satire)

Madame, when the sunrays spark through the rim of hills flanked by our poverty, scratching villages of peasants, Madame, Toyi-toyi to Nyazvidzi streams and vomit your disease, your anger, vomit...

What the new ministry for Chinamasa means for Zimbabweans

This article is not only restricted to the Chinamasa issue but to many other ministries as well. Of particular focus first is the Chinamasa one. The cabinet reshuffle was announced...

Zimbabwe cabinet reshuffle imminent

President Robert Mugabe announced that a cabinet reshuffle is looming, and that under-performing ministers are going to face the axe. Apart from the mere fact of trying to improve efficiency...

World Guerrillas Protest Poetry- Inside Gracelands: Madame Madness

This is the first journal of the series of poetry dubbed World Guerrillas Protest Poetry, aimed at speaking the truth of what happens in Zimbabwe. The poetry is aimed...

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Is ZANU-PF undergoing creative destruction and not disintegration?

This is a question that was raised by Alex Magaisa in his weekly blog the Big Saturday Read. With how events have unfolded in...

Here’s why Martha O’Donovan’s case is a big and relevant one for all of...

The country, and the world at large, received the most unlikely news when an American citizens working for Magamba TV was arrested for retweeting...

New Boys on The Warriors’ Block: What’s Next?

For most (if not all) football fans both within and beyond the borders of the Zimbabwean borders, the international break acts as a temporary...
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