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#30DayAfriBlogger Challenge Day 28: The issue of cohabiting in Zimbabwe

Firstly, what is cohabitation? This is when two people who are not married to each other live together as a couple but without the payment of lobola or without...

#30DayAfriBlogger Challenge Day 27: Dating whilst parenting

Love is not a crime. We all have affections. We all have the strong desire to plunge ourselves into intimate affairs. But when this is done alongside parenting, one...

#30DayAfriBlogger Challenge Day 26: Children born out of matrimonial homes

There are no bastards. All children have the same rights, all children have equal opportunities, whether you were born legitimately or illegitimately. At least from the superficial view of...

#30DayAfriBlogger Challenge Day 25: Why I stand with humanism

I like to take an omniscient view when it comes to topics like these. The world has become very polarised in a manner that has become very toxic for...

#30DayAfriBloggerChallenge Day 24- Zim ladies and their awesome selfies

The topic goes something like: My favourite photographer from Zimbabwe. I go with all the ladies from Zimbabwe because of their amazing selfies. You just decide to be on Instagram...

#30DayAfriBlogger Challenge Day 23- Can my significant other police what I wear?

When it comes to clothing, I really admire preserving my autonomy. I wear what I like, and when I feel like it. This autonomy is always under threat nonetheless. It...

#30DayAfriBlogger Challenge Day 22- Black women and their hair in workplaces

Let me just say this is one area I am not particularly going to be extremely and over-zealously sentimental about, but it's a pertinent issue especially in today's world...

#30DayAfriBlogger Challenge Day 21: Infertility still remains a contentious issue in society

Infertility is like a curse. The scorn, derision and condescending attitudes that come with one being infertile are enormous to deal with. The adverse effects of the stigma and discrimination...

#30DayAfriBlogger Challenge Day 20: My top 3 destinations in Africa

It's only that I don't have money. I am a huge travel fan. I like travelling. Exploring. Finding out new things in new places. My top destination currently is Rwanda....

#30DayAfriBlogger Challenge Day 19: Why I chose my career path

One thing I am feeling right now: I made the right decision, and I am prepared to face whatever that may come in my way because of this decision. All...

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Is ZANU-PF undergoing creative destruction and not disintegration?

This is a question that was raised by Alex Magaisa in his weekly blog the Big Saturday Read. With how events have unfolded in...

Here’s why Martha O’Donovan’s case is a big and relevant one for all of...

The country, and the world at large, received the most unlikely news when an American citizens working for Magamba TV was arrested for retweeting...

New Boys on The Warriors’ Block: What’s Next?

For most (if not all) football fans both within and beyond the borders of the Zimbabwean borders, the international break acts as a temporary...
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