Carl Joshua Ncube named Quartz Africa Innovators 2018

Can you speak of Zimbabwe comedy without mentioning Carl Joshua Ncube’s name? His name is very synonymous with comedy in Zimbabwe and he has done a wonderful job over the years in selling and promoting his brand to the world.

In recognizing his special skills in his field, where it can be a cut-throat mission, Quartz Africa named Carl Joshua Ncube a Quartz Africa Innovator for 2018, among 29 others. The Quartz Africa Innovators edition is an annual series identifying some of the most ambitious and imaginative minds on the continent from fields ranging from the arts, science, technology, entrepreneurship and many others.

“They all have one thing in common: a burning drive to make an impact on their communities, countries—and ultimately the continent. It is the same impressive trait found with each of our innovators from 2015, 2016 and 2017,” Quartz Africa editors Yinka Adegoke said.

Carl Joshua Ncube was recognized for his role in making comedy challenge the despotic rule of Robert Mugabe, something that was tough and had a bearing on his life.

“The 39-year-old stand-up comic took aim at Mugabe’s age and incompetence, and the economically dysfunctional and oppressive state he ruled for almost four decades.”

“Making fun of a strongman isn’t an easy task, and Ncube received death threats as a result. But his determination only strengthened his work, making him a permanent fixture in Zimbabwean, African, and global comedy circles. In 2016, he performed 31 comedy shows across Zimbabwe in a week, in an attempt to break a world record.”

Quartz Africa made note of the fact that Carl Joshua Ncube is focused now on staying relevant in this post-Mugabe era. It’s a huge task he has, but a task many feel he will deal with successfully.

“Ncube says he’s working to inspire and lead a new generation of young artists. Zimbabwean comics, he says, ‘represent an idea—an idea of freedom.'”

You can read the full list of the other African innovators here.

Congrats, Carl Joshua Ncube for being recognized by Quartz Africa. Your stellar comic work is greatly appreciated!

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