Brythreesixty - PURPLE MARS 3 MIXTAPE

Brythreesixty just blessed with us some new work, and we think it’s a pretty much dope project. It’s something not long and straining, just all about bringing out what needs to be brought out at the particular time.

Purple Mars 3 Mixtape gets your attention to what Brythreesixty wants you to listen to. The opening song, Gang Gang, is just Bry telling us of the loyalty to the squad, you know, that kind of unwavering loyalty. For an opening track, it’s not bad. In a way, if you are keen on paying attention to the project, the opening song makes you curious on what the rests of the mixtape is like.

It’s not that much of an aesthetics work. Just some flows unhindered. There is a pattern of self-praise, as usual. Only unsure if it was executed perfectly.

There are some good metaphors in there. And some hip-hop slang you won’t ignore.

The most important thing we love on this work is the last song, Depression. It sheds some light on mental health, a topic not given adequate attention in Zimbabwe. When artists bring issues like these, we love it.

Listen to purple mars mixtape by Brythreesixty below:

Stream it below:

Or download via this link.

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