The following article was written by Donovan Faranando, one of the co-founders of The Hangout Duo.

Cape Town is a beautiful colorful city with historical monuments, cool places and diverse culture. The city is filled with loads of activities ranging from fashion, pride, music and iconic shows happening almost every hour but here I am Donovan living in Cape Town and guess what? I will be giving you behind the scenes of every event that I attend and let’s call this column The Hangout Duo (THD) shall we? Yes cool. Recently I had the privilege to attend Burgers and Hip Hop which was organised by Imaculit Music Group a leading music/entertainment company right here in Cape Town.

But how can food go hand in hand with music? I failed to understand the logic but the director of IMG Gideon Jay quickly gave me a response,” We love music and we love good food! What better way than celebrate these two things people love most…Burgers and Hip Hop” so folks there you have it, I know you were also failing to understand the logic. Anyway we have been saved from the embarrassment!

The event clearly started on time,the turn out of wannabes and hip hop lovers was purely great.The line up was dope,it had artists from IMG in-house artists King Boris,Dante,Big Beard Entertainment artist Dizzy, Kyeezi from Good Hope FM and a dope dance group which made me move to their routines and I completely forgot their name because of that.The artists gave their best electrifying performances from Dizzy taking us to better days to Dante and Boris reminding us of 2 PAC and B.I.G. to Kyeezi making us lose control on the dance floor.


Burgers and Hip Hop its somewhat something that we need to quench our music hunger for raw hip hop and unique burgers which were served by Nomad Bistro only for a cool amount. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and hope to attend the next vibey event organised by Imaculit Music Group and big thumbs to them for being nominated for a South African Hip Hop awards in the Best Province Group category. Okay enough said, see you when I hang out at other cool events right in Cape Town. Burgers out!!!

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The Hangout Duo is an online youth oriented show that is aimed at showcasing rising young African creative artists and connecting them through events, fashion, entertainment, entrepreneurship, brands and places.
The show idea came about when Donovan Faranando and Mitchell Mbele couldn’t find places where creatives like to hang out, the challenges they were facing better yet what they are all about. They are located in Cape Town but now they have expanded to Zimbabwe and Zambia because they realised it’s now a movement.


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