Well, a while back yours truly did a piece on Tafadzwa Tarukwana, commonly known in Hip Hop circles as The Boy Asaph or simply, ASAPH and a while back, said ASAPH released a 10 track project known as Twenty Five. This project is life.

If you know anything about me as a writer or a person, you know I’m never gonna get to the point quickly. Today, I’ll make an exception. See, that’s how good ASAPH’s album is. It’s a canvas where deep “wokeness” meets trap, quality vocals meet quality production, head-swaying lyricism meets tongue sticking milly-rocking and ultimately lyrical indifference meets the plight of the nation in more than one way.

Twenty FIVE meets a very high standard of hip hop that I personally hadn’t seen in a while. It’s an album of reckoning. ASAPH makes use of his strengths while bridging the genre divide in a manner that would definitely grab Drake’s attention. You could say Twenty Five is a Zimbabwean More Life, but you know we’re too real to liken one rapper to another. So much for making an exception.

The album’s got different portions that each tell a different story about ASAPH as a rapper and his experiences while negotiating life. On one hand, with hits like the Mzoe7-assisted “Body” and “Pluggz” with Cal_Vin’ and KBrizzy , ASAPH taps into the rap persona, with the carefree lifestyle going on, where the only thing he has to worry about is him getting the girl he wants. On the other hand, you’ve got tracks like Brighter Days and the Altezza Music/ Fife Street Freestyle Pt.2 where he tackles matters including fake love, drug abuse, prophets he terms “prosperity mongers”, people in uncanny circumstances (Thuba’s got Drinks) and he tells us that Kingsvilla 3 (another project, y’all) is on its way. Oh, and apparently, music’s a family thing with the Tarukwana Clan. ASAPH’s sister gets in on the action with some sublime vocals. Props, Mimmie!

Now back to my sentence: This project is life, and arguably the best wholsesome album I’ve heard all year. (It’d be a messy dogfight between Twenty Five and TFAF2, I’m talking really, really, really messy, ya heard?) It’s got the bars, it’s got the beats, it’s got the features, and it’s got the producers! I tell you: IT’S THAT GOOD!

Review in a Single Sentence (RSS):

Twenty FIVE is probably the soundtrack to my 2017 (and probably my 2018) with the hustle and the party on both side of the same coin.

The album is available for sale via EcoCash and you can get in touch with Asaph on social networks like Facebook and Twitter for further details.


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