Gwevedzi Afro Acoustics Band
Gwevedzi Afro Acoustics Band

Gwevedzi Afro Acoustics Band comprises of Tinashe, a music producer and instrumentalist, Nyasha, a vocalist and song writer and Albert, a percussionist. They met as members of  another group called Motherland Behaviour but then the group later disbanded. We had an interview with them and they had some interesting insights.

Q: What type of music do you sing?

A: We prefer to call our music Afro Acoustics or Gwevedzi music, since it is mainly acoustics but it has its own complexities.

Q: Why acoustic music, why not Zim Hip-Hop or ZimDancehall, or any other genre?

A: It’s a natural sound which can best out our main aim which is to represent the African sound which is purely acoustic. It’s a sound which has been neglected for quite some time, so just took upon ourselves to revive the sound by taking it as our genre hence coming up with a sound that we call Afro Acoustics music. We also believe this sound will make people pay attention to our message since music encompasses both instrumental and vocals.

Q: What inspires you?

A: Love is our greatest inspiration, there is also that love for our pure African sound within us which acts as an identity to our culture. The society at large also inspires us since seeing and hearing different things induce in us the drive to express them in an artistic manner.

Q: How many albums do you have?

A: We have not released an album yet but we do have three singles, Chido chemoyo, Vanekodzero and Dzingai.

Q: What are some of the challenges you encounter in the music industry?

A: The main challenge we are facing is sponsorship since we are still funding ourselves from production up to distribution which is a great hindrance to our music reaching our audience, at a rate we expect.

By Buhlebenkosi Hlongwani


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