Gshytt has fallen in love with Zimbabwe, and it seems the right vibe is just there for him for the country to seem so endearing to him.

And well, we are loving him too. The American rapper came to Zimbabwe last week and since then everything has been about the right vibe. Something is cooking as well, since his producer Sean2Miles came to the country as well.

Having released a track the Vibe is Right and its accompanying video shot in Zimbabwe, it may seem like he is just promoting his work, but it goes well beyond that.

At Pablo’Z Studios in Harare, Gshytt spoke to several artists and producers.

“If the vibe is right then we work,” said Gshytt.

As soon as he landed in the country, he set out straight to the studio for some real work. His producer Sean2Miles came the day before.

Accompanying him was his brother Young who also acts as his executive

Other artists he has worked with are Bryan K, Poptain and Tamy with
production stars Chiweddar, Mega T and St Emmo also involved.

Gshytt is carrying with him some positive vibes. It’s this energy that has made him work with children from Jairos Jiri as well.

“I just needed to spend some time with them in the studio. When I heard the
song we did first, I wanted to feel it first before I learnt the meaning.
And when I got it, it was even more powerful,” Gshytt added.

Credit must go to African Fire Media for pulling this off. All the work is part of a project by African Fire Media, as it is carrying out its exchange program.

African Fire Media is doing some splendid work here.

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