Brythreesixty’s album is one that shows an artists who provides a perfect blend of hard work and raw talent. Balanc3 is a balanced album, every theme that goes along with Hip Hop is evident in the 17-track album.

The album opens with an Intro. It is not detailed, but provides a snippet into the album. One of the tracks that many Brythreesixty are obviously singing along to is Maswera Sei. Maswera Sei is that dope track which any album needs. It is a track with an addressive tone towards the listeners, one with reassurance of good welfare that Brythreesixty is filled with. With a heavy, fast-paced beat, it is a perfect introduction to the album.

After Maswera Sei comes Wadhakwa Nei. There’s something special that Wadhakwa Nei carries with it. Here, Brythreesixty revealed his prowess in rapping, and the chorus is very catchy. A question is asked in the song, “Wadhakwa Nei?” which literally means “What has made you drunk?” Some crazy bars in the song leave you wondering if Brythreesixty was even sober. But well, he was. Maswera Sei and Wadhakwa Nei are the perfect songs that give the album an enjoyable intro.

Wadhakwa Nei is followed by Gba Gbe, whch features Nigerian rapper Lil Dizzie. It is one of the four songs which have features. The song is made lively by Lil Dizzie’s well-orchestrated rap. The collaboration is a sign of two artists with one mind who came up with one awesome song. The beat alone. So special. And Brythreesixty’s verse on this song is one with some bars that make you think twice, some even have humour. Then after Gba Gbe comes in Mail. Mail is that track which reveals the raw talent of Brythreesixty, and his penchant for being a hustler. Full with themes of hard work, getting the money, it shows the hard working side of Brythreesixty. It is that song which you have no option but to just love it. Get the money. Get the money.

The songs mentioned so far have something similar in them, but the one that comes after Mail is a little bit different. It is also one of the four which have a feature. It is the song which has the title of the album, Balanc3. And it is a song that speaks of citizens who are trying to strike a balance in their life’s activities. Life is filled with many obligations we have to adhere to and fulfill, but in doing that one has to maintain a balance. The song features Rizzle and Cashbid, artists that also provide a balance to the album.

The following song after Balanc3 is called iKasi Lami, which talks of the ghetto neighbourhood. Where everything happens, and of particular importance is the hustling of money. It seems the album is one with an exhortation to get money whenever there are opportunities to get the money. From Chitown to Luveve, from Luveve to Magwegwe, just get the money. This is what Brythreesixty and Maestro IV are telling us. They invite us to their hood and the imagery they employ gives the listener a clear glimpse of how the struggles are real.

The Interlude. After all the tracks mentioned beforehand, the interlude drops in. It is just short, because it is an interlude anyway. There is the feeling of a grand resumption with the song that follows, Welcome To Harare. Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe, and in Harare everything happens. From the good to the bad. This is what Brythreesixty is telling us in the song. He basically gives a summary of how people are enjoying life in Harare, however, a form of enjoyment that somehow hinges on moral debasement as can be heard in the chorus, “Mwari Mwari pindirai, vanhu vaye vatanga kubhaizana,” basically asking for God’s intervention.

John Chibadura (Ndifare) is the one that follows, and it somehow feels like the album would have reached its full height. The song basically shows a voice that yearns to be free. See, this is an album that is speaking of striking a balance in life and one needs to loosen up, considering all the pressures associated with life. As the listeners, we are invited into this cry too, we all need to loosen up and be happy. For some, it can easily be their favourite on the album.

Brythreesixty is an artist who asks questions, and demands answers. After Ndifare, the love theme slowly takes shape. And the song Answers shows this. It is a slow song that engenders the inquisitive tone. After Answers, Sorry Never sorry comes in, and it also shows the Brythreesixty who has affections. Woman Crush is an appreciation of the woman’s beauty, an appreciation of Brythreesixty’s crush, and how he hopes to get his love. When you listen to Woman Crush, you really wish he gets successful in this. Character, which features Schingy is another appreciation piece of the woman, showing how much Brythreesixty respects women. Schingy provides some hard-hitting lines that leave you concluding how much he completes a perfect combination with Brythreesixty.

The album closes with the tracks Church, Wave and Legend, which basically show Brythreesixty telling us how great he is. So in essence, Balanc3 is that album which has balanced themes, which also strives to preach a message of having a balance in life.

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