Vasikana Vekwedu - Jnr Brown ft Silent Killer

Silent Killer has all been about promoting his brand, building his thing, and he is doing well at that. His decision to collaborate with Jnr Brown on the song Vasikana Vekwedu is a clear testimony to this.

Vasikana Vekwedu gives you the feeling of a heavy compromise to accommodate ZimDancehall and ZimHipHop in one track. Which is not bad.

Jnr Brown has lots of space on the track to unleash his vernac beast.

As for Silent Killer, he is his usual form, free flowing on his verse with some catchy rhyming.

And we like the Vodka ine cranberry part.

Vasikana Vekwedu has this exciting party theme. It gets your attention.

Listen/download to Vasikana Vekwedu by Jnr Brown and Silent Killer below and tell us what you think:

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