When A. Martin first released Magariro, he has never looked back

There are some young musicians who, when they start their music journies, get thoughts of quitting. Some go on to quit, others persevere on despite the obstacles.

Allan Martin is one young artist to watch. His work has been incredible. His music has been awesome. When his first single Magariro was released, already we knew we had a keen artist who was keen to push on. What we like about A. Martin is how wonderfully he weaves his lyrics to come up with meaningful tracks. A. Martin has had a penchant for conveying a motivational message as seen in his works, Magariro, Kushanda, Life is a Journey and Hupenyu Irwendo.

A. Martin’s music speaks volumes of a young rapper who is socialy aware of what’s happening around hiim. Never at one point has one come out saying A. Martin sings trashy lyrics. His abililty to work with other upcoming artists is also amazing to onte. If you want a young voice speaking of social issues and urging us to keep pushing the grind, A. Martin’s music is all you need.

A. Martin’s music career is very promising. He is working on new projects that will even feature some of the biggest names in Zim Hip Hop.

A. Martin has also used the opportunity created by online music platform Oyos music to put up his music on the platform. You can support local talent by buying his music on Oyos.

Here is the link to A. Martin’s Oyos profile

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