Ever since A. Martin made a bold decision to start singing, it is an obvious thing that no one ever associates him with meaningless lyrics. There’s always something special about his lyrics.

Unlike some of the young rappers and other musicians of today who sing about the fast life and other material things, A. Martin always decides to sing something that conveys a positive meaning to the listener. Each time A. Martin informs us that he has a new song, we are always assured that it is something with a deep meaning and motivational message about life.

The new track by A. Martin titled Hupenyu Irwendo is a clear attestation to this. Hupenyu Irwendo simply means that life is a journey. If you were thinking of taking shortcuts in order to achieve something, when hit with Hupenyu Irwendo you think otherwise.

A song with a genuine meaning is always accompanied by some captivating vocals. That ability to create a perfect mix of powerful lyrics with a powerful voice. The song speaks of ongoing endurance, that even when things are down, life has to continue going. Life must never face any interruption because of any hurdles that may be hurled your way.

“Life is low low, we just work for the bond notes,” goes one of the lines in the song. It just embodies how the surroundings are tough, how the country’s economy is not ticking. But that is not an excuse for giving up. Because life is a journey, and eventually one day things will work.

The song features Nash Milli and Nyasha Timbe, artists who have been making some great moves in the game. Washa T produced the track, adding awesome instrumentals that go in tandem with the theme of stoic endurance when life becomes tough. It is a song of young voices calling for the unity of society in the journey of life.

Your views could be quite divergent, listen to the song below:


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