The topic goes something like: My favourite photographer from Zimbabwe. I go with all the ladies from Zimbabwe because of their amazing selfies.

You just decide to be on Instagram and/or Facebook, and what you see their bears testimony of what is being said here. You open WhatsApp statuses, and you get amazed. Zimbabwean ladies are very good at taking selfies.

And because of that, they are my favourite photographers. Some of them take awesome selfies you even think they went to University and attained degrees in Selfie-Taking.

It’s something that cannot go unmentioned and unnoticed. When I am with a lady and it’s time for selfies, I duly hand over my phone to them so that she can exhibit her miracles and prowess in this regard.

The angles they have in taking these selfies, it’s like all their lives have been devoted to Mathematics.

There are a lot of professional photographers in this country, and I could have easily mentioned some of them as my favourite. But this post is entirely dedicated to the Zimbabwean ladies who are very exceptional when it comes to selfies. Like there is an obsession.

It amazes me. Therefore, this appreciation.

Zimbabwean ladies who are very keen with taking selfies are my favourite photographers.

And it is not only limited to selfies. Zimbabwean ladies are just naturally excellent when it comes to simple photography.

But the selfies. What with the selfie-stick.

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