This is one question I have thought about, but have never given it serious consideration. Honestly, the answer to this is somehow enshrouded by a big cloud of obscurity. The question itself leads to many other countless questions!

What if I die before retiring? What if I do not even retire? What if my parents already have their lifetime plans laid out neatly and perfectly? What if they die right now and I am still centuries away from retiring, provided I even retire? See, the questions emanating from this issue are many, and one could spend decades coming up with these questions, with no answer being even proffered!

As I write this piece, I am still many miles away from thinking of retirement. I am just a first year Law student, and retirement is just remote at the moment. But one good thing that humans have to do in life is to always plan ahead. The old adage goes, ‘Failure to plan is planning to fail.’ There really is no perfect excuse for being myopic. So, are my parents included in my retirement plans?

The answer is yes. And also no. Yes because I have equipped myself with some basic financial literacy skills. I know that when I get money, I have to spend it, but I have to create savings too. Savings that could be beneficial for many life events that always lie ahead of us. And that involves taking care of the ones who brought me onto this planet, wretched or blessed as it may be. No because one simply doesn’t know what lies ahead. Because I also have a life to make first.

I know for a fact that my parents, all their lives, have been going to work in order to feed us and themselves, and to prepare for the future. I may die today or tomorrow. My siblings could just die too. That’s life. So obviously they have made their plans. Solid plans.


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