Infertility is like a curse. The scorn, derision and condescending attitudes that come with one being infertile are enormous to deal with.

The adverse effects of the stigma and discrimination that accompany infertility are catastrophic. I asked my friends a question. if you find your wife is infertile, will you divorce her? The answer they gave was something I had anticipated, they would file for divorce. Our society is structured in a way that this whole effect seriously affects women.

You could say it’s unfair. And yeah, it is. But that’s the lived reality. If we are to wish for something different, we will have to aim towards changing people’s attitude towards infertility (which is an extremely uphill task).

The men are also affected, but when it’s a man vis-a-vis a woman as regards this issue, the woman remains the disadvantaged one.

And at times women have to deal with all this alone.

The scorn and derision that is hurled at infertile women must be put to a halt.


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