The Kigali Memorial Centre, Getty Images, 2014

It’s only that I don’t have money. I am a huge travel fan. I like travelling. Exploring. Finding out new things in new places.

My top destination currently is Rwanda. My heart really yearns to be in Rwanda. I once did an article about ten reasons why you must visit Rwanda on The African Exponent. Currently the primary reason I want to visit Rwanda is to just see if the people there really love Paul Kagame. And to just feel the stability of Kigali and its peace.

On my destination list is the Eastern Highlands in Zimbabwe. The reasons for mentioning this are a million and can’t be exhausted in this article alone. After all, my home is in Manicaland and the whole of my high school career started and ended in Manicaland. Too many breathtaking and captivating places of beautiful and splendid scenery.

Lastly, but not least, I want to visit Egypt. Yeah, I must go to Egypt. I am a big fan of African history and Egypt would be the right place for me to go and explore more on this.

There are many other places I would like to visit in Africa. The safaris in Botswana, Kenya, the amazing country of Morocco, many tourist spots in South Africa. So countless.

These destinations (except for Zimbabwe) will at the moment remain dreams till the day I get money to visit as many places as I want. (I also want to go to Israel)

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