This presents a very strange area of discussion, but one that is gradually getting normalized, and will ultimately reach a point where it will be considered taboo not to do it.

The rate at which people’s conventions are changing is astonishing. Barriers are continually getting smashed. There is no more room for conservatism. Things are just changing. Whether it’s for the good or the bad, it is subject to interpretation, because our moral viewpoints can never be the same even if it starts snowing in Harare.

And for some it particularly seems that the act of getting intimate is solely for enjoyment purposes, and not for the primary reason of reproduction. Maybe sex was never meant for that anyway. Maybe it was made to please the flesh, and we had been brainwashed that it’s an exclusive preserve for married people only.

Whatever the case may be, I find it weird to have sex on the first date. For me, it just isn’t right. For others, it it totally cool. After their amazing first date they just let all barriers down and do the thing (I hope some readers won’t find my use of euphemisms alarming).

Sex on the first date is okay. Sex on the first date is not okay. This is how best I can put it. Because I am not a moral police and will never be one. What if I am incorrigible? Well, that’s a matter for another day.

I just can’t have sex on the first date. I can’t. It just can’t happen. On the first date? Mmmh, no!

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