I haven’t been really that kind of person who is deeply engrossed in fashion, in its strictest sense. But I have clothes that I like most, and I also wear what I like. Though that may somehow lead others into thinking I am a fashionista.

I can’t really say for certain that I have “favourite outfits” or “favourite clothes.” I just like to keep it simple. Maybe one day I will get onto the sophisticated part of wearing. I remember one girl who even told me that I am lazy since I wear very simple clothing (her line of thinking was that I don’t take my time to look into other fashionable things.) Which could be true. Which could not be true.

The most thing I like in my wardrobe are my sneakers. Polo sneakers. I could spend a fortune just getting new and new sneakers. Then the second thing are the jeans. Oh Lord, I love jeans. And then my plain t-shirts. I fell in love with plain t-shirts. They seem sophisticated to me because they comprise simplistic clothing. Or this is me just being insane.

But well, I am not a fashionista. In that line, I wear what I like. Even nhembe (though I am extremely skinny).

It’s just that I love keeping things simple. That’s my way of life.

Simplicity till Jesus comes and simplicity till hell freezes.

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