Right in the middle of an ailing economy, there are some brands that continue performing well. In fact there are some brands that make me angry at times but for reasons I know and for those I do no, I keep on sticking loyal to these brands.

Brands that gave shaped our childhood. Brands that have saved us. Brands that shape our adulthood. Brands that give us the luxuries of life. I am that kind of guy who is “100% Zimbo” and my bias towards Zim stuff is just exceptional. The following brands are my favourite and I will stick to them come Mugabe come Tsvangirai come hell or thunder.

1.Econet Wireless

Before I start, you can tell me of how much Econet has made many a Zimbo get angry countless times! Econet also gets me angry, like how airtime suddenly disappears the way virginity is disappearing these days. But I have remained loyal to it no matter what. I just like how it is, being the largest mobile opratetr in Zimbabwe and making a lot of improvemnents in our lives through its various services notably EcoCash, Cumii, car tracking, TV and many other. I will love Econet now and forever more. It’s just a bittersweet relationship.

2. TelOne

I don’t know why I like TelOne. Honestly. But it’s that kind of brand I will remain loyal to. Talk of broadband services, fixed communications sytems and so forth. That’s how I love it. Or maybe it’s simply because I am just familiar to the brand. Well, I am not sure, but I will never forsake TelOne.

3. Stork Margarine

There is a way my friends refer to that football team Stoke City as “Stoke margarine” and it gets me laughing every time. Stork is better than most brands out there when it comes to butter. Stork works miracles on my tongue whenever I spread it onto my bread slices. If something works wonders on you can you abandon it?

4. Mazoe

If someone tells me to go and buy juice, I don’t look at any other brand except Mazoe. Whether it’s the Orange Crush, Blackberry, Peach or Raspberry; Mazoe is what I turn to. The rest are only there to provide competition necessary create fair market.

5. The Zimbabwe Sphere

Of course I will mention what I started dear reader. I love what I started and I am always hopeful every morning I wake up that it’s going to be a major success one day. zimsphere.com gives me the platform to express whatever I feel like (as well as The African Exponent and African Curators, publications in which Zimbabweans are doing it big).

6. Alpha Media Holdings

This media company is the one which publishes NewsDay, Zimbabwe Independent and The Standard. I love how they report Zim news fairly and truthfully. Their editorial opinons always have great and pertinent issues. I love AMH.

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