MSU won the 2018 Zim Enactus from BOOST fellowship and are now proceeding to Silicon Valley
Pic: The Boost Fellowship (Twitter)

Enactus National competition is hosted by BOOST Fellowship. There have been complaints raised in the past about the selectivity of the competition as it seemed to be linearly inclined towards tribal lines.

UZ was disqualified in 2016 after winning with a bogus project. Last year MSU won the National Competition despite everyone’s opinion that NUST deserved.

MSU’s project however did not leave the group stages in the world cup competition. This reflected greatly how their project was flawed.

This year, NUST enactus presented a NEED Energy solution. This was a customer-supplier linker available on all platforms. More like a DAD of gas supply, fixing, etc…the cream however was the disruptive memeza device that detects gas leaks, informed on gas tank level, notified when almost empty, was smart in sense that all could be done through integrated application and website…it automatically orders for gas refilling.

MSU pitched a project incubated 5 years ago, after that introduced a Mambokadzi idea where they alluded they were the first to introduce menstrual cups which is a lie. They also presented an accommodation app for varsity students.

Red flags : MSU is the only team that had a flawless presentation, with the projector working perfectly despite it having failed to work for the two previous teams before it. However, they were given 3 more minutes as the judges alluded to ‘technical glitches’. Other teams were not considered.

But well, the ideas of Midlands State University are going to get recognition at Silicon Valley. Tech-revo, a website that helps students from Chinhoyi University of Technology, is one of the ideas which won MSU the BOOST Enactus National Competition.

Bindura University of Science and Education (BUSE) introduced Buxlink, which is an app that allows farmers to access financial information from different financial institutions.

The onus is now on MSU to lift our flag high as Zimbabwe at the Enactus World Cup in Silicon Valley.

Written by Ryan Katayi, a student from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST)

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